Features & Recognition

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Over the years, the extreme uniqueness, unmatched natural beauty, and incomparable atmosphere of Taninah have drawn the attention of various prestigious media outlets. We are tremendously honored and proud that our property has attracted the unsolicited accolades and recognition from these well-known outlets.


As you can imagine, very few rental properties in the world can boast having been featured on one prominent media outlet much less three! In fact, to our knowledge, no other vacation property in the Riviera Maya has been so honored.

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Home and Garden Television (HGTV) producers contacted us about featuring our property on their popular show called Extreme Homes. Of course, we were thrilled and proudly accepted their invitation. The taping of “our episode” was in June of 2001 and it first aired in early 2002. Since then, much to our delight, our episode has aired many times.



The magazine publishers of Caribbean World contacted us asking to feature Taninah in their quarterly publication article called "Living in Eden", where our cover billing was, "Dream Home in Mexico".


When we finally got our hands on a copy of “our issue”, we were less than thrilled with the pictures the publisher chose to run in our 5-page spread (which we have since taken the liberty to replace). Regardless, the article was well written and we were nonetheless elated to have been so privileged.


We were contacted by executives at The Travel Channel  who wanted to feature Taninah on Amazing Vacation Homes. Of course, we were once again delighted and thrilled at the opportunity.

The Travel Channel filmed "our episode" of Amazing Vacation Homes in December of 2005....


In June 2006 TIME magazine featured a picture of Taninah's Casa in an article about vacation rental homes.


Taninah was featured in Travel + Leisure, Family Edition in a two-page spread in the Spring 2008 issue.


...and Taninah was featured in The Travel Channel's Life's a Beach.

It is important to note that we in no way, shape, or form solicited, compensated, or petitioned these media outlets to feature Taninah on their shows or in their publications.

This is an extremely significant fact because it goes to show Taninah's uniqueness and appeal. Imagine the odds involved of having these major media outlets find (primarily through word of mouth) our off-the-beaten-path and unconventional jungle retreat.


We are flattered, proud, and honored Taninah has received so much unsolicited recognition!